Monday, 15 October 2018

Oracle, LinkedIn To Integrate HR Apps, Data To Help Employers Find Talent

Oracle is deepening its cloud-based HR applications with LinkedIn, both companies working together to help employers find, hire and train qualified candidates.

This relationship of integration and data sharing has been forged in a context of intense global competition to attract the most talented workers, said Nagaraj Nadendla, vice president of the Oracle group, responsible for the development of cloud recruitment software of the society. "Each candidate for a position, internal or external, hopes to be found and this agreement will help to achieve this," says Nadendla.

The new integrations between LinkedIn and Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management) Cloud and Oracle Taleo Enterprise Edition include:

• Import Talent Profiles: Enables employees interested in jobs in other areas of the business to import key elements of their LinkedIn Profiles into their Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Profile.

• Recommended Matches and Integrated Search: Enables recruiters to easily search LinkedIn to identify the members that best match a job application or project in Oracle Recruiting Cloud and Taleo Enterprise Edition.

• Referral Guidelines: Enables applicants to apply for jobs through Oracle Recruiting Cloud or Taleo Enterprise Edition, and to identify and contact (via InMail) their LinkedIn connections, which can provide the best guidance for this job.

• System Connect Recruiter: Enables LinkedIn Recruiter users to consolidate and display recruiting data (application, job creation date, or latest candidate profile update) from Oracle Recruiting Cloud, Taleo Enterprise Edition and LinkedIn.

• Learning Integration: combines the Oracle Learning Cloud and LinkedIn training courses to promote career development.

This unique collaboration will help organizations to "quickly identify, engage, evaluate and integrate talented people," says Nadendla. Oracle and LinkedIn announced this relationship on Oct. 10 at the LinkedIn Talent Connect Conference in Anaheim, California.

"The world of work is changing rapidly, creating new opportunities and challenges for talent leaders," said Scott Roberts, vice president of business development for LinkedIn, in a statement. "We are excited to be working with Oracle to create better solutions to make hiring and talent development as transparent and effective as possible."

Monday, 9 July 2018

Oracle 1Z0-148 Question Answer

Which two statements are correct in Oracle Database 12c?

A. For native compilation, PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEWVEL should be set to 2.
B. Native compilation is the default compilation method
C. Native compilation should be used during development.
D. Natively compiles code is stored in the SYSTEM tablespace.
E. To change a PL/SQL object from interpreted to native code, set the
PLSQL_CODE_TYPE to NATIVE and recompile it.

Answer: D,E

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Oracle 1Z0-148 Question Answer

You are designing and developing a complex database application built using many dynamic SQL statements. Which option could expose your code to SQL injection attacks?

A. Using bind variables instead of directly concatenating parameters into dynamic SQL statements
B. Using automated tools to generate code
C. Not validating parameters which are concatenated into dynamic SQL statements
D. Validating parameters before concatenating them into dynamic SQL statements
E. Having excess database privileges

Answer: A

Examine this function body:

Which two headers will allow this function to compile successfully and take advantage of both invoker’s rights and function result caching?

A. CREATE FUNCTION get_hire_date (emp_id NUMBER) RETURN
B. CREATE FUNCTION get_hire_date (emp_id NUMBER) RETURN
C. CREATE FUNCTION get_hire_date (emp_id NUMBER) RETURN
D. CREATE FUNCTION get_hire_date (emp_id NUMBER) RETURN

Answer: D,E

Monday, 29 January 2018

Oracle 1Z0-148 Question Answer

Which statement is correct about DBMS_LOB.SETOPTIONS and DBMS_LOB.GETOPTIONS for SecureFiles?

A. DBMS_LOB.GETOPTIONS can only be used for BLOB data types.
B. DBMS_LOB.SETOPTIONS can perform operations on individual SecureFiles but not an entire column.
D. If a table was not created with compression specified in the store as securefile clause then DBMS_LOB.SETOPTIONS can be used to enable it later.

Answer: D

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Oracle Opens Innovation Hub in Dubai

It will help boost the implementation of artificial intelligence between companies and the public sector of the UAE

US technology giant Oracle announced on Sunday the opening of an innovation center in Dubai to boost the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in companies, the public sector and the country's academy.

Inaugurated by Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, State Minister of Artificial Intelligence of the United Arab Emirates, the company has named the new facility 'Zayed Innovation Hub'."The success of strategic government initiatives such as Smart Dubai and Expo 2020 is based on emerging digital technologies such as AI that drives the creation of an automated infrastructure for the realization of these projects," said Arun Khehar, senior vice president of commercial applications at ECEMEA. , Oracle.

The center has employed more than 400 sales professionals in the cloud.

Abdul Rahman Al Thehaiban, Oracle senior vice president of Technology, Middle East and Africa, said: "Forrester predicts that companies using artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of things to discover new business knowledge will steal $ 1.2 trillion per year of his less informed colleagues by 2020. "

He said: "However, making AI easy to adopt is fundamental: a key challenge for organizations is that they can not afford to wait." The Zayed Innovation Hub will seek to address this challenge by interacting with the main UAE audience by raising their levels of awareness., helping to drive an innovative approach and also supporting the development of skills of the next generation of Emirati leaders. "